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Found an injured animal?

If you should find an animal that’s been hurt or injured, there are some simple steps you should follow.


How we’re making a difference

We are a wildlife rescue charity, helping make the world around us a better, happier place.


Why not become a Volunteer?

Would you like to help? Let us know. We’re always looking for volunteers to help us with our mission.


Sponsor an Animal

We have a large array of animals and enclosures to sponsor. Why not become a sponsor, or give one as a gift?


About Us

We are a wildlife rescue charity, based in Rickmansworth.

Our mission is to provide care, protection and support to all injured and unwell wildlife. Find Out More
Chris and Fox
Mission Statement

At CW Wildlife Rescue, we will help all wildlife, no matter what it eats or how it lives.

Whether it’s furry, feathery, slimy or scaly. Born here, or a visitor. Popular or disliked. Predator or prey, we will look after them and treat all as equals. Our aim is to get all those that come to us whether orphaned, lost or broken – back to the wild. We will also help to educate the communities around us how to help and care for their local wildlife. We must ensure future generations can still wonder at the magnificence of nature. Rescue-Rehabilitate-Release

Here at CWWR we have a simple philosophy…

Every animal has the same right to a happy and healthy life. We try to make sure that  happens.
Why We Do It

The daily mantra of CWWR that everyone works toward is..

We don’t change the world by saving an animal. But we do change that animal’s world.

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Here we have just a small selection of the animals available to sponsor. Your sponsorship allows us to make available the best possible care.


Barn Owl

Willow is a two year old Barn Owl who came to the rescue when she was three months old.

Sponsor Willow

Gregory Peck


Gregory came to us after he was attacked by a cat and several crows! Unfortunately, he can no longer fly.

Sponsor Gregory

Darcy Bussell

French Mille Fleur hen

Darcy came to the rescue as an unwanted pet and is very happy with her new life on the farm.

Sponsor Darcy



Walter is a feral pigeon. He was brought in after a nasty cat attack and has lost the use of his wing.

Sponsor Walter

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What People Say

We love to hear comments from people just like you!

“We have a great time helping the animals and being with other people who love animals.”


“Thank goodness you’re there to relieve the poor thing’s pain and discomfort. It is so nice to see kindness and care. Thanks so much CWWR.”


“Thanks for taking the time to show my daughter and myself the animals today Chris, much appreciated.”


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