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Protecting and Supporting Our Local Wildlife

What’s been happening at the rescue this week?

Week Commencing 12 October 2020 Every week is different at CW Wildlife Rescue!   This week we’ve taken in 6 pigeons, 3 field voles, a tawny owl , a song thrush and 2 field mice .   We’ve released 6 pigeons, a kestrel and a sparrowhawk.   We’ve been called out to 2 road traffic…
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October 18, 2020 0

We found a new home!

In the Summer of 2019, the rescue had become much too big for our garden sheds so we had to find a new home. This proved to be a lot more difficult that I thought it would. In fact, it took me almost to the end of September to find somewhere but it was worth…
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August 25, 2020 6

Do you help owls ? Asked a timid voice on the phone

Of course , I replied expecting an injured Tawny . I set off and headed to the address . On arrival I was shown into a large living room with lots of cats and their kittens but no owl . The lady pointed to a crate in the corner of the room where I could…
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September 15, 2018 0

Who has been a guest this year ?

Like all Rescue and rehab centres we have been very busy this year . Babies of all species have been caught out by the hot weather , birds , hedgehogs , bats , rabbits , foxes and virtually any animal you can think of have all needed help .We had a call from the RSPCA…
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July 29, 2018 0