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We found a new home!

In the Summer of 2019, the rescue had become much too big for our garden sheds so we had to find a new home. This proved to be a lot more difficult that I thought it would. In fact, it took me almost to the end of September to find somewhere but it was worth the wait!!
I took a call from a lady who had a kestrel come down in the stables on a farm in Rickmansworth and she needed some help. It was a quiet day so I drove over to the farm to see if I could help. That is when I first saw Stockers Farm and it was love at first sight ❤️
To cut a long story short, I met the farm manager, Richard Orr.  I told him about the rescue and it’s need for a new home and he showed me the old forge on the farm.
A beautiful tiled barn with wooden beams and the old forge chimney. Some of the barn is over 250 years old!
It took my breath away and I knew this was going to be our new home.

We moved in and by the end of October 2019,we were up and running. The rescue has gone from strength to strength and we are now looking after the local wildlife with around 30 volunteers helping us. We have become part of the community and are referred to as “our local rescue” by the people who live around us. The farm is within 265 acres of land with fields, woods, hedgerows and lakes all around.

We have complete freedom for releasing our wildlife and the support of Richard and the family that own Stockers Farm.

This is the interior before we moved in.