Message from the Chairman

Protecting and Supporting Our Local Wildlife

Message from the Chairman

December 29, 2020 Blog 0

A message from Richard Orr, Chairman of the Trustees :

 As you know, a couple of years ago Chris pestered me to move the Rescue to the farm. What is not so well known, is how this has affected my life. At the time i was living in a quiet protective shell with my dogs. Since then i have found a great friend in Chris and met a remarkable bunch of people from all walks of life and due to the fact we give our time and energy to help the animals, immediately links us all.

 But mainly it is the animals that we care for that have changed my life. They have given me a focus, and caring for them has reignited the passion and emotions i used to have as a child. Not for a long time have i cried so much (at the loss of an animal), laughed so much (at their antics and crazy behaviour) or cared so much (when they are injured or unwell). Looking after them has helped me find the person i used to be. I am not ready to be released into the wild yet, but i am getting there. 

I see a lot of volunteers come to the rescue, some with issues such as shyness, lack of confidence etc; and it is great to see them overcome these issues and flourish. This may be a Wildlife Rescue Centre, but it is very much a Human Rescue Centre as well. We owe our animals so much and in helping them we help ourselves in the process. They have changed my life in so many ways and i hope they continue to do so. 

Thank you all for whatever help you have given us and in whatever way. Let us have another great year. 

Richard xx


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