Do you help owls ? Asked a timid voice on the phone

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Do you help owls ? Asked a timid voice on the phone

September 15, 2018 Blog 0

Willow spreading her wings ❤️

Of course , I replied expecting an injured Tawny . I set off and headed to the address . On arrival I was shown into a large living room with lots of cats and their kittens but no owl . The lady pointed to a crate in the corner of the room where I could hear a low hissing sound and the clicking of a beak . On inspection I saw , cowering in the back amongst the rubbish and faeces, the most beautiful juvenile Barn Owl. I fell in love with this little predator almost on sight , I know we’re not supposed to , but I’m only human !!

Willow is now happy . She was born in captivity which means she cannot be released into the wild as she wouldn’t survive . The people did have the correct paperwork for her so we have adopted her . She has her own custom , bespoke aviary which was brilliantly designed and constructed by our eldest son , Dean . I will be forever grateful to him for giving Willow another chance . She is now 5 months old and is an alert , feisty and stunning juvenile Barn Owl who likes nothing better than a row with our chickens who come down to her place frequently during the day !!! (Through the fence, of course!)

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