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Protecting and Supporting Our Local Wildlife

We are involved in the following events this year to raise awareness and much needed funds for the rescue.

Please come along to see us these events  :

Langley Park Dog Show – Saturday 14 May

Rickmansworth Canal FestivalSaturday 21 May

CW Wildlife Rescue Open Day – Saturday 11 June

Open day cancelled

It is with great regret that, we at CW Wildlife Rescue, must announce the cancellation of our advertised Open Day on June 11th. I can assure everyone that this was not a decision taken lightly, as we were all excited at having the opportunity to showcase the rescue and what our work is all about, to so many people. Not only to those who have never had the chance to see what we do, but to all of you who have supported us over the last couple of years as we have grown.

The reasons for the cancellation are twofold. Firstly, the move from the old rescue to the new unit is far from complete. This is due mainly to us running the rescue for a month with a depleted work force due to a covid outbreak. During this time all our efforts went into caring for the animals. Secondly, as we have grown, so the number of animals arriving at the rescue has grown and we find ourselves fully occupied looking after their needs. At present we have, fox cubs, hedgehogs, birds of prey, ducklings and numerous other animals to care for. We know from experience that we shall soon be inundated with various baby birds, and these are always time consuming to look after.

We must and always will, make caring for the animals our 1st priority, and that is why we feel we are not able to hold an Open Day this year. We are so sorry for letting anybody down as I know some have worked so hard in the planning, others have donated, and stall holders will be disappointed. I hope everyone can appreciate the reasons for cancelling and be kind enough to continue their support for the work we do at the rescue, as without your support we wouldn’t exist.

We do intend to hold an open day next year, when in a better position to do so, and would welcome back any stall holders etc that we have let down. In the meantime, please keep your eyes on our social media platforms for smaller upcoming events we have planned to keep you informed of our work.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

CW Wildlife Rescue