Heatwave causes major problems for babies….

Protecting and Supporting Our Local Wildlife

Heatwave causes major problems for babies….

July 29, 2018 Blog 0

The soaring temperatures this summer are leading to huge problems for our wildlife . This time of year is already hard as babies are leaving their mums and finding their way in the world . Those that rely on earthworms and slugs and generally all ground dwelling insects are unable to dig into the baked soil and so are starving . Hedgehogs are particularly vulnerable to this problem and all the rehabilitation centres are full up all over the country , trying to care for these tiny , vulnerable creatures . Fledgling birds are coming in dehydrated and starving , young fox cubs and badgers are also suffering .

What can you do to help ?

The most vital thing that we can do to help is to leave out shallow dishes of water . They must be shallow because the youngsters can drown in deeper bowls . If you can put out a few in different places in your garden or yard . Remember that nocturnal animals will require water to be available during the night . If you can a dish or two of cat or dog food ( meat NOT fish !) , will help many creatures to maintain their strength during this period . Dry cat biscuits are also welcome . You can purchase mealworms from pet shops , live are better that than dried . They shouldn’t be fed for long periods as they can become “addictive” after a while .

If we all do our bit this summer we can help our wonderful wildlife to get through and survive .


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