Hedgehog Release Programme

Protecting and Supporting Our Local Wildlife

Every year we care for many young hedgehogs, that are brought to us for a whole range of different reasons. In every case, our goal is to release them back into the wild when they’re ready.

Hedgehog HouseIt’s important that these wonderful creatures are released into areas that give them the best chance of a happy, healthy and stress free life,

If you feel you could offer a safe and suitable area for their second chance, we’d be happy to hear from you.

Please remember though, that these hedgehogs are not being re-homed as pets. A Hedgehog may well decide to take itself off as soon as it arrives.

But, by joining our programme, you’d be playing a vital role in getting a healthy hedgehog back to where it belongs as soon as possible.

It’s important before you apply to join the programme, that you’re aware of the following:

  • There must be suitable places for the hedgehog to find cover.
  • The area they’re released into must have an adequate food source.
  • If you have a pond, it must have shallow sloping sides, or easily accessible ways for the hedgehog to climb out.
  • There must be ways for the hedgehog to get out and explore. Hedgehogs like to roam and forage, and can travel a mile each night.
  • There should be no chain link fence, or similar in your garden. Hedgehogs often get their heads caught and can’t get out.

If you believe you can offer a safe haven for these rehabilitated animals, please complete the form below to apply.