Here Come the Babies!

Protecting and Supporting Our Local Wildlife

Here Come the Babies!

October 29, 2017 Caring Tips 0

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Its baby hedgehog time!

This is the time when many of this years youngsters are of to find their own territories. They have to be at least 500 grams to make it through the winter months because they will be living of their fat reserves that they have built up over the summer.

Unfortunately they don’t all have the right amount of reserves to survive . Remember if you see a hedgehog out during the day it will be in need of help. It may be injured, blind or orphaned because they are nocturnal and should be sleeping during the day.

If you come across a hog in these situations it is vital that you try to help it.

We understand that not everyone is capable of handling a wild animal but you can protect it .Simply put a box or container, even a bucket, over the hedgehog to protect it from possible attacks from cats or crows etc and then contact a rescue centre.

The most important thing is keeping it safe, don’t worry about feeding at this point and NEVER GIVE A HEDGEHOG BREAD AND MILK, they are insectivores and cannot digest cows milk . The best food is cat food/biscuits and the only fluid to give is water .If you can , put it somewhere warm but not hot, but CALL A RESCUE SERVICE ASAP . Speed is vital, the less time the hedgehog is under stress the better the end result .

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