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Protecting and Supporting Our Local Wildlife

CYCLE CHALLENGE: Croxley Green woman set to cycle more than 800 miles for charity

Croxley News article – 26 February 2022









AMAZING AMOUNT: Schoolkids raise over £10k for various charities

The pupils at St Clement Danes have been spending their time raising an extraordinary amount of money for charities across Hertfordshire- with a combined total money earned reaching over £14,000!

 My local news article – 16 February 2022


ANIMAL ART: Rickmansworth man uses artistic talent to raise money for Wildlife Rescue

A man from Rickmansworth with learning disabilities has used his artistic talent to raise money for Chris Wicks Wildlife Rescue (CWWR) on Stockers Farm.

My local news article (Ricky News) 19 October 2021






100 MILES: Rickmansworth father takes on cycling challenge for Wildlife Rescue Centre

A keen cyclist from Rickmansworth has raised over £800 for Chris Wicks Wildlife Rescue (CWWR) by completing his longest ever bike ride of more than 100 miles.

My local news article (Ricky News) 16 September 2021





SUCCESSFUL DAY: Musician hosts fundraiser for Rickmansworth wildlife rescue centre

A successful afternoon of live music and entertainment took place last month and raised almost £1,500 for Chris Wicks Wildlife Rescue Centre (CWWR).

My local news article (Ricky News) 31 August 2021






GARDEN SALE: Rickmansworth children raise £500 for Wildlife Rescue Centre

Three children from Rickmansworth have raised more than £500 for Chris Wicks Wildlife Rescue (CWWR) by hosting a garden sale sel handmade soaps, candles and other goods.

My local news article – 23 July 2021


ANIMAL RESCUE: Rickmansworth mother and daughter save two fox cubs in dramatic rescue

A mother and daughter from Rickmansworth who volunteer at Chris Wicks Wildlife Rescue (CWWR) have helped save a number of fox cubs in recent rescue callouts.

My local news article – 20 April 2021

Rickmansworth woman designing cards for CW Wildlife Rescue

My local news article (Ricky News) 22 March 2021












Woman dives into Rickmansworth Aquadrome to save bird

Watford Observer news article – 15 February 2021

Watford Observer news article – 16 February 2021

A woman dived in the waters at Rickmansworth Aquadrome to rescue a frozen bird (Photo: Chris Wicks)

CHARITY STATUS: Rickmansworth animal rescue centre becomes an official charity

My local news article (Ricky News) – 21 January 2021










Croxley resident releases greeting cards to support local wildlife hero

My local news article (Croxley News) – 18 November 2020








PAW PATROL: Wildlife centre keeps the animals in Croxley safe and protected

My Local news article (Croxley News) – 25 September 2020




















KEEN VOLUNTEER: Young Rickmansworth animal lover gets creative to support wildlife rescue centre

My local new article (Ricky News) – 21 September 2020











Former lorry driver opens wildlife rescue centre in Rickmansworth

Watford Observer news article – 19 January 2020

Chris with a buzzard. Credit: Chris Wicks.