I’ve Found an Injured Animal

hedgehog cartoonIf you should find an animal that’s been hurt or injured, there are some simple steps you should follow…..

First of all, you should ask yourself if it needs rescuing now, or can you notify someone more qualified?

Situations that you may come across:

  • Road traffic accident casualty (RTA)
  • Damaged limb/s
  • Obvious wounds
  • Injured baby squirrel
  • Blind baby squirrel on the ground (although ONLY after lengthy observation from a distance)
  • Baby squirrel if it’s limp and cold to the touch
  • A trapped, or caught (e.g. in netting – do NOT cut free and release until fully assessed) animal.
  • If unresponsive/unconscious – it will need veterinary attention immediately



  • If you are not equipped
  • If you, or others would be put in too much danger

If you see an animal that needs attention, you should contact us immediately.

Note: Adult squirrels have a dangerous bite, do not handle unless confident!

There are a few things you can do to help while you wait…

  • If you can approach the animal lay a blanket/coat over the casualty for warmth.
  • If the animal is on the road, protect it from traffic if possible.
  • Consider personal safety on roads (e.g. reflective jackets, warning signs)
  • Do not drag the animal off the road, if it safe to do so, lift it to a safe place on a coat/towel, etc.