Latest arrival , freezing and soaked ………

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Latest arrival , freezing and soaked ………

April 2, 2018 Blog 1

On Saturday we had a call about a baby Tawny Owl who was laying on the ground soaked , shivering and being eyed up by crows ! He was found in Cranford Park , laying on the ground saturated and shivering ! His eyes were tightly shut and he was very close to death . We rushed him home and put him in an intensive care unit , with lots of cosy blankets and a heat lamp . All we could do now was wait and hope .

It is now Easter Monday and oh how things have changed ! The little fellow is eating for England and is constantly ‘beak clacking’ which is Tawny for clear off mate ! I’ve never been so pleased to receive abuse from one of our patients !!

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  1. Maciek says:

    Well done 🙂

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