Protecting and Supporting Our Local Wildlife

CWWR Newsletter – March 2021

  As winter draws to a close and spring is in the air, we are preparing for the baby season. This is everyone’s favourite time of year but it’s always a little sad because it means that we have orphaned babies that have been separated from their mothers. There is of course, no substitute for…
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April 7, 2021 0

CWWR Newsletter – February 2021

It’s been a busy time at the rescue this month with lots of animals needing our help and we had a very successful auction online which raised some much needed funds for the rescue. With the warmer weather upon us and Spring nearly here, we will be expecting an increase in baby animals and birds. …
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March 2, 2021 0

CWWR Newsletter – January 2021

    Since Christmas we have been taking in a steady flow of hedgehogs.  These have been mostly young hogs who have been wandering around in the daytime.  This is never a good sign!! Hedgehogs don’t have to hibernate but do so because of food shortages in the cold weather. We will keep all of…
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January 25, 2021 0

Chairman’s New Year message

29 December 2020 A message from Richard Orr, Chairman of the Trustees :  As you know, just over a year ago Chris pestered me to move the Rescue to the farm. What is not so well known, is how this has affected my life. At the time i was living in a quiet protective shell…
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December 29, 2020 0