Our first year at Stockers and becoming a charity!

Protecting and Supporting Our Local Wildlife

Our first year at Stockers and becoming a charity!

December 29, 2020 Blog 0

November 2020

Change an animals world

We have been at Stockers Farm for a year now. The rescue has grown very quickly in the past 12 months and the support from the local communities has been incredible.

CW Wildlife Rescue has gone from around 20 enclosures to around 75 indoor enclosures and outdoor aviaries, kennels, 2 extra barn rooms, a food preparation unit and several extra storage areas.

We have gone from 53 followers on Facebook when we came to nearly 3000 today and our following on all the other social media platforms is growing also.

We have a fantastic team of 35 volunteers that help to keep the rescue working, a management committee who help with the day to day running of the centre and a board of trustees who oversee the whole operation.

We have taken in around 800 casualties in our first year and released 350+ animals back to the wild after caring for them .

The barn before we moved in..









The barn now…

















Our chairman of the trustees, Richard Orr is also the farm manager and he is one of our greatest ‘assets’. His enthusiasm and genuine love for the animals is infectious and his attention to detail is legendary, as are his eloquent rants!!

We are building a team of exceptional talent to ensure that we are prepared for the future and whatever that may bring.

We are working with several schools in the area to help ensure that the children have a chance to have nature and wildlife in their lives. We have started a CW Wildlife Club for young people to learn about nature and why we must take care of it.

We are also working with the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme for young people and The Princes Trust.

It has been an amazing first year at Stockers and to top it all off, on 12th November 2020, we were given charity status and are now an official registered charity!

Thanks to all our supporters for your generosity. Thanks to all our fantastic volunteers for your hard work and support, to all our committee members for your input and ideas, our board of trustees for helping to keep us on the right track.

A very special thank you to Mrs Gates and her family for allowing the rescue to be in this fantastic barn on the farm and last but certainly not least a huge, heartfelt thank you to Richard Orr for all he has done for CW Wildlife in the past year . A terrific man with a big heart, chairman and friend of the rescue .

Chris And Harry 

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