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Protecting and Supporting Our Local Wildlife

Since being at Stockers Farm, we have rescued, rehabilitated and released hundreds of animals but some will remain with us as they will not survive in the wild.

Would you like to help us keep these permanent residents fed and cared for by sponsoring your favourite animal?

Would you like to sponsor an enclosure to help care for the wildlife in them throughout the year?

This would be a great gift for someone who loves animals and wildlife!

Each sponsor will receive a welcome pack containing a personalised Sponsorship certificate, a fact sheet on your chosen animal or wildlife enclosure, a photo, a CW Wildlife keyring and a subscription to our bi-monthly e-magazine for 1 year.

Click on the animal or enclosure you would like to sponsor and for £30.00 a year, this donation will help towards their ongoing care and treatment at the rescue.




Willow is a two year old Barn Owl who came to the rescue when she was three months old. She was being kept in unsuitable conditions and was very unhappy. 

After many months of love and care, correct diet and a lot of patience Willow is now looking stunning and is the ‘star’of the rescue.

Sponsor Willow



Walter is a feral pigeon. He was brought in after a nasty cat attack and has lost the use of his wing.

He gives out abuse to anyone who approaches his cage and doesn’t think twice about giving you a good old peck! Having said all that, Walter is a lovable old rogue who struts around puffing out his chest and letting everyone know he thinks he’s the boss!

Sponsor Walter


Gregory Peck

Gregory Peck

Gregory is a great spotted woodpecker who came to us after he was attacked by a cat and then by several crows! He has permanent damage to his wing and is unable to fly.

He lives in a special aviary with a log and his own nest hole, where he spends the night and during the day, from 6am to 6pm he pecks away at the trunk looking for bugs and mealworms!

Sponsor Gregory Peck


Darcy Bussell

Darcy is a French Mille Fleur chicken who is another favourite at the rescue. She wanders round freely most of the day picking up bits she can find and is a real character.

She came to the rescue as an unwanted pet and is very happy with her new life on the farm.

Sponsor Darcy Bussell



Squabby came into the rescue as a baby pigeon and has grown into a handsome chap!
Well, actually we thought he was a chap until he laid an egg so he is actually a she!  Squabby was released but didn’t want to leave us and she flies around the farm by day and goes back into her enclosure every night!

Squabby has a special bond with Richard and he’s the only one she doesn’t peck. She is a real character and likes to sit on people’s heads!

Sponsor Squabby


We also have various indoor and outdoor enclosures that you can sponsor and your donation will help to feed and look after all animals and birds that are in this enclosure for a whole year.



Incubators are vital in helping our sick or orphaned baby animals keep warm and it gives them the best chance of surviving, together with regular hand feeding and intensive care.

Sponsor our Incubators


Hedgehog enclosure

Our most popular enclosure at the rescue is the hedgehogs as they are so adorable. It’s our busiest time for hedgehogs as we will be keeping all hedgehogs throughout the Winter until they can be released in the Spring.

We currently have about 50 of them to look after. That’s a lot of cleaning and feeding but our spiky friends are so worth it!

Sponsor our Hedgehog Enclosure


Garden bird enclosure

We take in many garden birds throughout the year and lots of baby birds in the Spring. One of the robins we cared for at the rescue was released but hasn’t left us and spends his day flying round the barn.

In fact it’s quite common that the birds will come back as they know where they can get fed!

Sponsor our Garden Bird Enclosure


Birds of prey enclosure

These magnificent birds are popular at the rescue and this year we have rescued some Red kites, kestrels, sparrowhawks and buzzards.

All these stunning birds of prey were successfully released back into the wild.

Sponsor our Bird of Prey Enclosure


Owl enclosure

Owl enclosure

Owls are a popular enclosure as they are stunning birds. They are nocturnal birds of prey. We have barn owls, tawny owls and little owls at the rescue.

This one is Athena who is a tawny owl.  She was found at the bottom of a tree after a storm when she was a little owlet and brought into us .  She will be released as soon as she is ready to go back to the wild.

Sponsor our Owl Enclosure


Fox enclosure

We love foxes at the rescue and one that Chris raised from a baby fox cub and will always have a special place in his heart is Flo.

We also had Fred, Dobby & Banana and they have all been released successfully into a special fox enclosure before making their own way back into the wild.

Sponsor our Fox Enclosure


Outdoor enclosure – Water Birds

We have rescued and looked after swans, geese, ducks and other water fowl. As the farm is next to the Aquadrome, we also get lots of calls to rescue these birds trapped in fishing wire so we are never far away from coming to their rescue.

Any water birds we look after at the rescue can be released back into their natural habitat on the lakes as soon as they are ready.

Sponsor our Water Birds Enclosure


Outdoor enclosure – Large animals

Outdoor enclosure

We have an outdoor enclosure for larger animals or birds that need more space. This is one of the Roe Deer we rescued this year after she was in a road accident.

She was looked after and successfully released on the farm back into the wild.

Sponsor our Large Animal Enclosure


Goose & ducks enclosure

GooseGoose was found alone and unwell and was brought to the rescue when he was about 4 weeks old.  We already had duckings with their mums, so little goose joined the other babies and was reared by a mallard duck! He now lives in Richard’s garden with his own pool, day shelter and roosting barn for night time.  He shares the garden with 3 stunning ducks who were also brought into the rescue as their owner couldn’t look after them anymore.  They waddle around the garden all day chatting to each other and are learning to get on with goose.  They are all  very happy and very hungry birds!

Sponsor the Goose and Ducks enclosure