The CWWR new home

Protecting and Supporting Our Local Wildlife

The CWWR new home

January 28, 2022 Blog 0

As you know, we’re here to provide care, protection and support to all injured and unwell local wildlife.

And for the last couple of years, it’s been a very difficult time. Trying to squeeze every last inch of space for our vulnerable patients.


Well, recently our prayers were answered. We’ve been lucky enough to get the opportunity to move into new, donated premises on the farm. And we’re doing our best to keep you updated on the progress, over on our Facebook page.



While moving to these new premises is both wonderful for our wildlife patients and our hard working volunteers, it also has a downside.


A bigger site means higher bills, more patients, increased veterinary costs, bigger enclosures and more mouths to feed.


As a charity, we rely on the kindness of people like you, to allow us to continue providing care and rehabilitation to these wonderful creatures.


If you can, please help us by setting up a small, monthly direct debit and help us, to help the animals that rely on us. Every penny gifted goes to help these vulnerable and unwell animals.


Obviously, not everyone has the ability to help monetarily, and that’s okay. There’s lots of other ways you can help too.


But, if you can set up a monthly donation, you can use the link below. If a monthly donation isn’t possible for you at the moment, you can visit the same link and give a one-off donation of any amount you feel you can manage. Every penny helps 🙂




Thank you so much, to everyone who’s been even a small part, of helping us get to this position.


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