CWWR Newsletter – January 2021

Protecting and Supporting Our Local Wildlife

CWWR Newsletter – January 2021

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Since Christmas we have been taking in a steady flow of hedgehogs.  These have been mostly young hogs who have been wandering around in the daytime.  This is never a good sign!!

Hedgehogs don’t have to hibernate but do so because of food shortages in the cold weather.
We will keep all of them and feed them throughout the winter.

They are all treated for any problems they may have and in the Spring will be released, ready to start a new generation of Britain’s favourite mammal.

We are also preparing for the upcoming baby season which usually starts with orphaned, lost and injured fox cubs and then baby birds nearer the Spring.







We launched our Sponsor an animal page in November for all the resident animals that are staying with us permanently and for the animals that are being looked after until they are well again and can be released back into the wild.  This has been very successful and all donations help towards feeding and looking after these animals in our care. 


Thank you to everyone who has sponsored an animal at the rescue.  We  hope you enjoyed your welcome pack and CWWR e-magazine designed and distributed by our Committee members and trustees Deanna & Laura.

Christmas cards


We also had lots of orders for our gorgeous fox & robin Christmas cards designed by our trustee Laura’s dad, so thank you to all those who bought these cards.




A big thank you to Jean Armstrong who designed 6 beautiful wildlife Christmas cards, some featuring animals who had been at the rescue and from the sales of these cards was able to give a generous donation to the rescue.  Thank you to Jean and everyone who purchased these cards.  We are very grateful.


Thank you to Brambles Pet and Wildlife for donating this hedgehog food! This will feed our 55 hogs as well as going in the Hedgehog lovers hamper for our Valentines auction.



We are running a Valentine’s auction between 1-7 February to raise funds for the rescue.  This auction is being run as a Facebook online event and bids can be placed anytime during this event up until 3pm on 7 February.  If you would like to donate to the online auction, please contact us at



During this time, we still have our regular volunteers to help keep the rescue running.  We were hoping to do a big group photo of our wonderful volunteers but are unable to at present due to social distancing.  We are soon to be launching our ‘Meet the Team’ page where you will be able to meet our volunteers, trustees and committee who look after all aspects of the rescue from caring for the animals to social media and fundraising.



The training of our volunteers always needs to be up-to-date with how we clean, feed and look after the animals in our care.  One of our volunteers Liz has been appointed as Lead trainer  and a new training manual produced by Ian and Liz will be published this week. Training videos are also shared within the team so that all volunteers are able to access these remotely.


New incubator

This is the new intensive care unit kindly donated by our Chairman Richard Orr. Lots of wildlife will benefit from this fantastic addition to the rescue, particular our larger birds and mammals. 



CWWR Juniors

We are so excited to be setting up a new junior club called CWWR Juniors for 5-15 year olds.  
Our mission is to inspire and develop young people’s views on the importance of the natural world.  We aim to achieve this with a range of wildlife related learning resources.
These resources will be on our CWWR Juniors webpage and new juniors Facebook and Instagram page. Hopefully in the not too distant future, this will include visits to the rescue, wildlife talks and local field trips.  One of our trustees and volunteers, Laura has been appointed as the Lead Education officer for CWWR Juniors.  She works at Black Park as Events and Commercial officer where she organises forest schools and other events.  She has a zoology degree and is looking forward to inspiring the next generation of young wildlife enthusiasts who want to learn more about nature.  

Chris & the CW Wildlife team xx

hedgehog logo







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