Urban Foxes

Protecting and Supporting Our Local Wildlife

The Red Fox (Vulpes Vulpes) , is our only native wild canine in the UK and it is the top of the food chain , the apex predator . The Fox is very adaptable and will eat small mammals , birds, insects , carrion , fruit and vegetable matter as well as roadkill . It is one of the few creatures that has managed to live close to humans and to thrive . Over the passed few decades the Fox has moved away from the rural habitats and into the urban environment. It isn’t surprising when you look at the waste we produce especially around fast food outlets ! The Fox is a frequent visitor to the bins outside McDonalds most nights ! Also rats, mice and pigeons are plentiful in the towns as well , a veritable banquet!! Also many people feed the foxes on a regular basis so they aren’t doing to bad in the city !!

The Fox is a very clean animal but it does have a strong odour for territory marking etc . They live in family groups in a defined territory , which is patrolled regularly by the dog Fox . Cubs are usually born underground during March – April . They stay within the group until late summer when the male foxes and some of the females will disperse and start their own territories.

It must always be remembered that the handsome Red Fox is not a nice little dog , it is a wild animal capable of defending itself with a very powerful bite . They are brilliant at evading capture and can climb high walls and fences and are very agile and can twist and turn while running at full speed !

Observation of an injured Fox so that you know where it is is important so that when the rescue service arrives you can pin point it’s last location . It’s best to leave the Fox to the experts .

Dog and cat food are ok for a short term food source but remember that the Fox will normally consume a whole animal when it feeds so it needs the roughage that fur , feather or bones give them .

They are great survivors and have managed to live close to and alongside the most destructive and dangerous animal on the planet …..Humans .