Waterbirds and freezing weather…………

Protecting and Supporting Our Local Wildlife

Waterbirds and freezing weather…………

March 4, 2018 Blog 0

Always a potential problem especially when the water starts to freeze . Today ,we received a call from a boat owner on the Grand Union Canal at Southall about an injured Coot . The poor thing had lost the use of its legs after one of the coldest nights of the winter . Could it have become trapped in the very thick ice the previous night ? After a spell of tlc and a hot water bottle the coot began to recover . Never ceases to amaze me how tough and resilient wildlife can be !!

Next casualty to arrive was a beautiful Redwing which had injured its wing . One of the rangers from Syon Park luckily found the bird laying on the ground on a very,very cold day . This little chap was very lucky and the ranger administered first aid and certainly saved his life . He was taken to London Wildlife Protection and took up residence with a blackbird and a starling and was doing very well .

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