What’s that bird ?

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What’s that bird ?

January 28, 2018 Blog 0

I had a call from Swan Lifeline about a bird of prey in a garden in Windsor . The householder thought it was a Kestrel and it was on the floor and had been for a while . Off I went onto the M4 and headed west . When I arrived the lady of the house met me and led me to where our casualty was . I was greeted by a pair of round , staring orange eyes which were glaring at me !! Our Kestrel was a magnificent Sparrowhawk . He was cowering over his freshly caught dinner and was not best pleased at my arrival . The problem seemed to be that he had his talons stuck into the prey and couldn’t free himself . I got to a metre away when he suddenly freed his foot and rushed of under a bush and disappeared from view ! We searched all the garden and next doors as well so my thoughts are that he flew up into the trees at the rear of the garden before we had a chance to see him . The lady felt guilty that I had come a long way for nothing but to have had a close encounter with such a fantastic bird made it all worthwhile . Sparrowhawks are wonderful ❤️

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