Who has been a guest this year ?

Protecting and Supporting Our Local Wildlife

Who has been a guest this year ?

July 29, 2018 Blog 0

Like all Rescue and rehab centres we have been very busy this year . Babies of all species have been caught out by the hot weather , birds , hedgehogs , bats , rabbits , foxes and virtually any animal you can think of have all needed help .We had a call from the RSPCA about a truck driver who , after driving down from Leeds , found 2 Little greenfinches in the back of his truck ! They are now part of the flock at a local park . This year has seen a dramatic increase in the number of corvids (crow family) into the centre . These are some of the brightest members of the birds and can be very amusing and very noisy ! We have had Carrion Crows , Jackdaws , Jays , Magpies , Rooks at the centre . Our friends at Syon Park called about a bat that had a fly from a fisherman hooked in its wing . We went and collected a lovely little Pipistrelle who stayed with us until his wing was better .We have included some more pictures of our patients . We never know what the day will bring but we will always be here to help in any way we can .

Gosling from The Thames at Kew

Pipistrelle Bat from Syon Park

Harry with Russell , the Crow

Greenfinches from Yorkshire

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